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As part of CAMRA Pulling Together campaign, CAMRA has created a new platform called Brew2You, this platform allows customers to search for beer, cider or even food easily on a single platform.

By becoming a partner and creating your very own store on the Brew2You platform, you will be increasing your visibility to customers who download the Brew2You app, giving you more opportunity to sell your products to customers locally or even further afield – it’s up to you!

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Don’t waste 50m pints

Easily Partner with Brew2You

Partnering with Brew2You couldn't be easier. Fill out our basic registration form, connect to the Stripe payment connection and you're ready to go!

What’s the catch? Well… There isn’t one!

100% of the revenue accumulated is yours! And CAMRA will not charge you a penny*

CAMRA will market the platform, whilst you watch the sales coming in!

The Brew2you app will be launching on 6 May, become a partner today and get your store setup now ready for the launch!

* A fee of £2 per month is payable to Stripe payment gateway.

  • Free to use! (We charge a 5% fee to the customer order to cover the Stripe payment fee and admin costs)

  • We offer a simple menu setup where you can add individual items and categories.

  • Available for takeaway or delivery

  • Set your time frames, prices and availability from one place

  • Take orders and get notified when new ones arrive

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Frequently asked questions

CAMRA cannot offer you professional advice on business, licensing, planning or legal matters, or advice on what businesses can and cannot do in the current period of restrictions.

You should consult government guidance on which businesses can remain open and for what types of services. Any business which can remain open during the COVID-19 crisis must adhere to government guidance on hygiene and social distancing.

If you have questions that are not answered in the Government guidance please contact a trade association, your local council or seek professional legal, licensing, planning or business support. For licensing & hygiene FAQs click here

How much will the platform cost me?
CAMRA has launched the Pulling Together campaign to help support the pub and brewing industry during the COVID-19 crisis, as a result, the platform itself doesn’t cost you anything. However, you will need to register with our Payment Gateway – Stripe, and there is a fee of £2 per month.
Are there any fees involved for me to take Credit Card payments?
CAMRA will cover the card processing fee but there is a £2 per month fee for using Stripe. This fee is only payable if order payments are being made during a month.
How do I register?
It’s simple, register here all you need to do is tell us about yourself, you will automatically be transferred to Stripe to complete registration with them, so be sure to have your bank and company details, to hand.
Once Stripe registration is complete, it can take up to 24 hours for them to verify your account.
How do I get more sales?

Think about how you structure your store, for example, group your products by beers, or style etc. Use nice product imagery when listing.

What can I sell in the store?
The choice is yours however, all we ask is that you stay within the essence of the platform, so, beer, cider, and other alcohol is logical. If you are selling pub grub/snacks that also makes sense!
Is this for CAMRA members only?
No! Of course CAMRA will let their members know about the platform, but this platform is available to anyone in the UK to use.
I am a brewer and I only sell my beer in minipins, can I still use the platform?
That’s absolutely fine, when you create the product in the store simply make reference to that in the description and in the container field! Also it helps if the customer can see the product, so an image really helps
I own a pub and I’m currently taking orders by phone which is very time consuming, can I create a store which only offers a collect service?
Yes, the platform is designed to work around your own business practices. If you simply want to offer a service where the customer collects you can do so.
What payment details does the platform accept?
We accept customer payment online via credit or debit card. CAMRA nor you are storing card details.
What’s in it for CAMRA?
CAMRA has launched the Pulling Together campaign to help support the pub and brewing industry during the COVID-19 crisis. We are doing this, because we believe in thriving communities with pubs and availability of great beer and cider – and we want to preserve that!
How will CAMRA help? Will you promote the app for me?
CAMRA will promote and encourage our membership to use the app. You will have the benefit of CAMRA’s 190K strong membership database as your potential customer base! We will also promote the app through our media and communication channels.
How long does it take to become a partner?

As long as you have to hand the following information, it will take you approx. 20 minutes to register:

Name and address
Your logo (an image file)
Bank details
Company details
Images of a letterhead (don’t worry a photo from your phone will do)

Can customers provide feedback?
Yes they can via a simple 5 star rating.
Do I get a contract?
We are trying to keep things very simple! When you register you will need to agree to the T&Cs, you will see these on the registration process.
Do I need to give notice if I want to remove my store from the app?
When you register, you can simply click a button to disable your shop.
Do I need to have a delivery service for orders?
No, you can offer delivery or not – if you don’t have a service and just do takeaways that’s fine you can set that up to.
Do you have any sales assets to help me promote the app?
CAMRA can provide branding logos for you to add to your websites, email or social media – you can find them here.
I can only deliver to very local customers is that an issue?
No that’s what Brew2You is designed for. You can set your available delivery area and your delivery charge in the settings section of your store.
I’m a pub, I don’t have product images and details to set up a store. Is that a problem?
We recommend that you try to make your store as visually attractive to your customers as possible. But don’t worry if you don’t have images as long as you have mandatory product details that’s fine – you legally must include ABV and allergens.
I have received negative feedback, what do I do?
Unfortunately, it is a way of life, and some partners will receive negative feedback, our suggestion is to treat the feedback as constructive and not to fight fire with fire – ultimately that approach doesn’t look good on you!

Pulling Together

CAMRA has put together a number of resources to help the trade during this difficult times, including maps and resources of over 2000 pubs, clubs, cideries and breweries currently offering delivery or takeaway services for customers.

Find out more about our Pulling Together campaign